About Us

Who are we?

We are Meri and Vedran, and with our children Vlaho and Anamarija we form a small family. We also run a small family company that seeks inspiration in art. We are happy with every new product we create that is enjoyed by visitors to our city.

How it all started?

For us now, as far back as 2013 (in the meantime, the family has expanded by two small members), in an informal conversation, we talked about how in Dubrovnik and beyond there are no local authentic art souvenirs available to everyone's pocket, so we came up with a clever idea to offer quality art posters that the visitor could easily carry with him during the trip (much easier than, for example, an artwork painted with the oil on canvas technique) without losing the original experience of art that the "real" image carries itself. The first posters did not turn out exactly as we have imagined, but we did not give up, and after a while we have achieved exactly the level of quality that was more than satisfactory for us. After that, the ideas were lined up one after the other, and in a short time we have also offered art graphics, postcards, greeting cards, magnets, bookmarks and thus expanded our assortment.

What is our aim and motivation?

We wanted to offer an authentic, affordable local souvenir so that visitors to our city can bring home a part of the memory they experienced in Dubrovnik and Croatia, and we think it is best to do that through art. Our products are 100% local. They are created from the art of Viktor Šerbu, an artist who draws inspiration from the streets and motifs of the city of Dubrovnik, and also very important to mention, all design, printing and production also takes place in our city. None of our souvenirs or parts of them were produced outside Croatia.

About Viktor Šerbu

If it weren't for our dad, father-in-law, grandfather, nothing of our entire vision would exist, taking into consideration that the entire range of our souvenirs is based on the art he tirelessly creates every day, even though he is very advanced in his age. Born in 1938 in Dubrovnik, he still paints with equal energy in his small self-contained studio. He draws inspiration from his immediate surroundings and his motifs are dominated by views of the city of Dubrovnik, its architecture, surrounding nature, and sometimes people. His gift for drawing was noticed in his early childhood. His early interests were later turned into a passion. Viktor has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and then went on a study trip around Europe, primarily to Paris and London, supporting himself and getting to know the works of European painters. He then returned to Dubrovnik where he lives and works to this day.


Who is most looking for our products?

It is said that people are divided into those who are art lovers and those who are just about to become one. We are here for both. It often happens that visitors who have been to Dubrovnik and selected some of our souvenirs subsequently contact us to find out about the artist and other products as well, because they enjoy remembering their wonderful vacation. We get feedback from all over the world because after all, visitors come to Dubrovnik from the most distant countries. Equally, our offer is attractive to domestic companies that organize congresses and events to give their customers an original and interesting souvenir.

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